Anne Frank has low Self Esteem​(​Split with Anne Frank and the Koncentration Kamp Khoir)

by Self-Esteem

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A split with Anne Frank and the Koncentration Kamp Khoir (
Recorded in hours with lots of beer in the garage of Frank's house
Recording done by Danny

Karlos - Vocals
Javi - Guitar
Frank - Bass
Martin - Drums


released November 4, 2012



all rights reserved


Self-Esteem Pomona, California

We're Self-Esteem, we all come from different backgrounds and different bands, such as Semen Taste Bad, Churchkey, The Spic, Jenkem Junkies, Aliens From Mexico and Let The Wookie Win. We love old school hardcore, and want to help bring back the Pomona Valley Hardcore scene back up. ... more

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Track Name: Rapey Frank
Let me tell you a story about our bassist
He touches little girls in private places
Be careful if you're around the age of 8
Because if you are you're gonna get raped!

Rapey Frank 4x

Watch out for rapey frank he likes underage girls
He likes pigtails but prefers curls
The oldest he'll go is 16 years old
If you're around those ages he thinks you're gold

Rapey Frank 4x

Don't let rapey frank buy you beer
If roofies are one of your fears
The next day you wont remember a thing
You'll ask your friends "what the hell did I drink?"

He doesn't hide in bushes he'll do it straight up
He needs his fix he don't give a fuck
Hes so slick he doesn't need a van
If you see him in your neighborhood run as fast as you can
Track Name: Paraplegic Mosh Pit
Paraplegic Moshpit 3x
You don't stand a chance

Paraplegic Moshpit 3x
Gnarlier than the slam dance

Don't underestimate them, these cripples are pissed
If you got working legs you're gonna get hit

Paraplegic Moshpit 3x
Those pits are intense!